The YouTube Suggest Keyword Tool versus Google SEO tools

Although YouTube is owned by Google, this platform generally operates with different, YouTube-specific keywords. Whereas Google users, for example, tend to search for keywords consisting of a single word, YouTube will often suggest longer descriptions. After all, there are billions of videos on YouTube and users want to see a video that matches their search intent. With our YouTube Suggest Keyword Tool, you can generate keywords that take this into account and that YouTube users actually search for a lot. So you can maximize the potential of this video platform!

Why you should use the YouTube Suggest Keyword Tool

When you enter the beginning of a search query in YouTube, the platform automatically suggests a number of keywords which other users search for frequently. While these could be interesting keywords for your own videos, this is a very short list. In reality, there are so many more options, and that is where our YouTube Suggest Keyword Tool comes in. This tool generates a comprehensive list of keyword suggestions, both alphabetical and extra relevant. It also gives you an idea of what people want to see when they search for a certain keyword, which could be a great source of inspiration for your next video!

How to create a great YouTube title?

For a successful YouTube title, it is best to follow these rules:

  • Use relevant keywords (as found with our YouTube Suggest Keyword Tool!)
  • Put your most important keywords at the front of the title
  • Keep your title shorter than 70 characters to keep it legible on all devices
  • Pique your reader’s curiosity by asking questions
  • Use numbers in your title to draw the reader’s attention (in which case your keyword may be placed more at the back)
  • Avoid clickbait
  • Include the word ‘video’ in your title to be found more easily in Google as well

Keywords as YouTube tags?

It is possible to add tags to a YouTube video, although Google itself has suggested that this has little effect on the SEO value. If you do want to use tags, make sure you choose strong, relevant keywords. To be honest, we don’t think adding tags will hurt either way, so feel free to use them!

Advertising on YouTube with AdResults

While we are happy to provide you with all the tools you need to get the best results from your SEO and SEA campaigns, we also understand that online marketing can be a complicated world. That’s why we have our consultants: real experts with extensive knowledge of websites and advertising and with access to the best tools. Would you like to know what we could do for you when it comes to YouTube and other marketing channels? Then request a free, no-obligation audit with us and find out!