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Search Advertising

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) involves paid advertising on search engines like Google and Bing. In essence, the advertiser ensures that their ads are visible in the search engine results. This leads to increased website visits and ultimately, higher revenue. SEA is, therefore, the cornerstone of online marketing. Want better results from your Google Ads campaigns? As the top online marketing agency in the Netherlands (source: Emerce 100), you’ve come to the right place with us.

Why choose Search advertising at AdResults?

✔  Tailored advice and strategies aligned with your organizational objectives.
✔ Experienced and certified experts in Google Ads and Bing.
✔ Campaign optimization based on performance, revenue, or absolute margin (ROI, ROAS, or ERS).
✔ Google Shopping optimization.
✔ Premier Google Partner.
✔ Certified partner of Bigshopper (Google CSS).
✔ Continuous testing of new developments.

Visibility in Seach Engines

The primary focus within Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is achieving visibility in search engines, particularly on Google. Google’s market share of 95% in the Netherlands and 86% globally (Statista, 2020) solidifies its position as the most widely used search engine, making it the primary online marketing channel. Google consistently evolves to enhance user experiences. At AdResults, we identify these advancements and assess their relevance for optimizing campaigns. This involves refining not only your search campaigns but also your Shopping, display, and YouTube campaigns.

Stand out with Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a vital component of paid advertising in search engines, aiming to promote and sell products online. Imagine someone searching for a white travel suitcase. They visit Google and type in the search query ‘buy white travel suitcase.’ Subsequently, Google presents a list of various retailers offering white travel suitcases. This feature turns Google Shopping into a consumer comparison platform, enabling users to compare product photos and prices. That’s the power of Google Shopping.

As a seller of white travel suitcases, your goal is to have that person buy your product. To achieve this, your advertisement needs to be both visible and visually appealing. At AdResults, we understand how to make Google Shopping successful. We employ a unique Google Shopping setup, providing you with greater control and the potential for increased volume. On well-performing terms, we achieve the highest possible impression share, allowing you to maximize the volume from your Google Shopping campaigns. Last but not least, we enable the connection of your Google Merchant Center account to Bigshopper CSS. This integration results in a 20% cost reduction for advertising in Google Shopping compared to your competitors.

google search adverteren
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Machine learning & Smart bidding

Through Google’s algorithm, in the year 2020, you could opt to use Smart Bidding. Smart Bidding operates based on Google’s artificial intelligence, known as Google’s Machine Learning. Machine Learning is a self-learning algorithm that can identify patterns in data and learn to improve its pattern recognition through feedback. Depending on your set goal, Google endeavors to achieve the best possible results.

Sounds quite appealing, right? Absolutely, but there are several key questions:
• Does the algorithm quickly adapt to fluctuations, for instance, in conversion rates?
• How does the algorithm react when conversion data is inaccurate due to temporary inactivity of the tracking pixel?
• What impact do results have when a high-value order is generated but later canceled?
• Does Smart Bidding consistently outperform manual bidding?

At AdResults, we have a wealth of data available from clients across various industries with diverse objectives. Extensive testing has been conducted for nearly all clients using different Smart Bidding strategies. We’ve analyzed this data extensively, outlining the pros and cons of Machine Learning & Smart Bidding. As a result, we precisely understand when Smart Bidding is advantageous for your business and, more importantly, when it may not be suitable.

Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads)

Bing serves as the default search engine for Microsoft Edge, often reaching a different audience compared to Google. Bing Ads, now known as Microsoft Ads, operates on a cost-per-click (CPC) model. Microsoft Ads comprises three search engines: Bing, Yahoo Search, and AOL. Additionally, Microsoft has several search partners such as Ecosia and DuckDuckGo. When advertising through Bing Ads, your ads are visible across all these search engines.

Bing is sometimes overlooked by advertisers as it is overshadowed by the market leader, Google. Despite Google capturing the most search volume, the monthly search volume on Bing should not be underestimated. In May 2020, Bing had over 900 million visitors globally per month (Statista, 2020). This audience is substantial and shouldn’t be disregarded. At AdResults, we acknowledge this fact. Our approach is rather than comparing Bing directly to Google, it’s best to use Bing in conjunction with Google. We view Bing as an extension of Google to ensure full visibility in Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and maximize revenue across all channels. A tailored strategy and structure are essential for this, and AdResults is here to assist you in this endeavor.

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Approach at AdResults

Our aim is to extract the best outcomes from our clients’ Search Engine Advertising (SEA) campaigns. To achieve these results, we steer Google Ads towards performance metrics or, in the case of branding, focus on KPIs such as reach, impressions, and visibility. For purchase-oriented campaigns, we utilize Return on Investment (ROI), Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS), or Effective Revenue Share (ERS). This approach gives us a clear understanding of the cost-to-revenue ratio, enabling us to decide how to further optimize campaigns.

Another key method to derive optimal results from ads is by harnessing opportunities in new developments, such as Machine Learning and Smart Bidding. We achieve this through testing and identifying the right strategies tailored to your business. When combined with our unique Google Shopping setup, this provides a competitive edge over your competitors. Lastly, we implement a clear structure in search campaigns, ensuring visibility for your company name, products, and the brands you sell. To achieve the best results, a solid strategy and structure are crucial, and we’re here to guide you through this process.

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