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Curious about the expansion opportunities and areas of improvement for your Google Ads account? Contact us to see if you qualify for the account analysis and discover the opportunities for your campaigns.

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The audit

A free audit provides new insights into your Google Ads campaigns. Experienced consultants do this by looking at your settings, structure, bidding strategies and more. In this way we discover opportunities to get more revenue from the campaigns. The goal of the audit is to improve your Google Ads account and strategy. In addition, you can experience for yourself what kind of meat we at AdResults have in the palm of our hand.

The audit is therefore a customized account analysis and not an automatically generated document. This analysis is time-consuming and therefore also intended for companies that are interested in the services of AdResults. The audit provides these companies with comprehensive insights and action items.

How does it work?

Step 1: Request an audit

You easily request an audit by contacting us. You can do this by filling out the contact form, calling us or requesting a callback.

Contact us directly.

During this contact moment we check whether your company qualifies for the analysis. We also ask a number of substantive questions to identify your goals. This way we can perform an even better audit. Of course there is also time for you to ask your questions.

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Step 2: We perform the audit
After we’ve mapped out the goals, we’ll send you a link request to gain insight into your account. Then we will make an extensive analysis. Of course we will not make any changes to the account. We only analyze how your account is structured, so that we can give you detailed advice. Our consultants are thorough and you will receive tailored advice. The audit therefore takes a few days.

Step 3: Discussing the audit
When the audit is complete, we will discuss the account analysis with you in detail. We go through all the improvement and action points and there is room to ask us questions. You will receive operational and strategic advice during this discussion. This advice is valuable, but converting it into action is even more valuable. We are also happy to help you with that.

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Why an audit from AdResults?

All consultants at AdResults share a passion for online marketing. Together we have gained years of experience and knowledge in online marketing. Because of this, we know how things can be done even better and we like to approach things differently. So why not request an audit from AdResults.
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