AdResults believes it is important to be involved in improving society as well. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a part of AdResults’ strategy. AdResults has chosen to promote an organization that provides financing (Kiva microcredits) to entrepreneurs in third-world countries. AdResults supports an additional project with each new customer.

Kiva Micro Credits is an organization that provides microloans to entrepreneurs in third-world countries with the help of individuals and businesses. These are small loans to entrepreneurs, which are repaid in 98% of cases. With these microcredits, entrepreneurs can make investments to escape poverty. AdResults’ objective is to support society in an honest and responsible way. Every new customer of AdResults contributes: AdResults supports one new project with every new customer. The repaid loans are recycled by AdResults to support other entrepreneurs.

Why Kiva?

AdResults believes it is important that money donated to charities is used responsibly. By assisting local entrepreneurs with funding, they can continue to grow and break free from poverty. Microcredits make this possible and encourage entrepreneurs to utilize the funds wisely; these are loans, and thus, they must be repaid. With the funds repaid, AdResults promotes new projects, continuously supported by each new AdResults customer in third-world countries.