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Data feed management

For many advertisers (especially webshops) a good product feed has become very important in recent years. More and more channels have come to require a feed. Each channel (Google Shopping, Amazon,, etc.) has its own specifications. It’s not just about the file format (XML, CSV or TXT), but especially about the content. For example, Amazon requires an EAN number and Google Shopping requires the Google Shopping category for certain segments (according to the taxonomy provided by Google). A feed management tool can take a lot of work out of your hands.

Feed management tools

A large number of data feed management tools are currently available in the market. AdResults has decided to play an independent role in advising on these tools. This means that AdResults uses different external tools to optimize product feeds. Feed management tools allow you to make different feeds with only one base feed or feed source (which contains as much data as possible). The advantage of this is, that the feed structure is known for every channel. It is possible with many feed management tools to select one channel (for example Google Shopping). The feed management tool indicates which attributes have to be filled in. These attributes can be then matched with the source feed. Missing attributes in feeds can be added by creating rules.

Data optimization and data creation

You can create data with the help of the feed management tools. Google Shopping requires specific segments (for example for products in the apparel segment) to fill in the Google product category. For many webshops it is difficult to submit this product category in a feed, because the Google product category name is not included, and therefore does not appear in the database of the web shop. With a feed management tool you can match an internal category name with the product category name of Google. The tool can therefore create data. Other upcoming feed errors can also be fixed with the tool. Suppose that some of the items lack a product description. The feed management tool can automatically fill in these fields with a standard text containing all the dynamic attributes of the product (such as brand, color, model, etc.). Thus the feed will still contain a relevant description, even when the text is empty, .

Google has indicated that having many errors in a product feed (incorrect EAN numbers, missing images, etc.) may lead to a lower Quality Score within the Google Shopping campaigns in Ads. It is therefore important to resolve as many errors as soon as possible. A data feed management tool provides a flexible solution for this. In many cases it is possible to fix feed issues without the intervention of an advertiser or a web developer. The tool also allows you to create multiple feeds for different channels.

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APIs: Marktplaats AdMarkt, Amazon &

Not every platform uses a feed. In many cases an application programming interface (API) is required. In these cases it is not possible to supply a feed. If an advertiser would like to promote its products on a platform that requires API (such as Marktplaats) then he has to be connected to one of the feed management tools that allow this connection. A feed management tool, therefore, offers a solution for advertising on platforms such as Marktplaats Admarkt, Bol Plaza and Amazon.

AdResults can help you optimize your feeds and promote your products on different advertising platforms.

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