What is the Lynx Browser Tool?

The Lynx browser is a text browser that can be used to view all text on a page. This tool strips away all design elements, leaving only the text on the page the way it is registered by search engines. In the past, some websites used to implement invisible text, hidden with HTML tricks to ensure that website visitors couldn’t read it, but search engines could. This text could be hidden in the source code, or literally made invisible by assigning it the same colour as the background. The Lynx browser will also show these parts of the source code, so no text remains obscured.

Based on this Lynx browser, we have developed our Lynx Browser Tool. This is a simplified version of the browser, allowing you to simply enter a URL to retrieve a textual version of the page.

What is the purpose of our Lynx Browser Tool?

As mentioned before, text was often implemented in the source code with the sole purpose of making the website easier to find for search engines. Nowadays, however, this practice is penalised. Google values the user friendliness and value of websites very highly, and websites with such hidden text were frequently neither user friendly nor valuable (and only created to generate clicks).

With our Lynx Browser Tool, detecting hidden text is easy. And fixing such problems is part of SEO: search engine optimisation. The more user-friendly a website is and the fewer dishonest SEO tricks are used to manipulate search engines, the more likely it is that a website will rank better in Google. This just goes to show that manipulating search engines often has the opposite effect.

Let AdResults advise you on your SEO strategy

We created the Lynx Browser Tool to enable you to easily find hidden text yourself; however, this is only one element of SEO. In reality, there is so much more to this specialisation, both in terms of technique and content. Can’t see the wood for the trees anymore, and could you use some help with your overall SEO strategy? Then request a free, no-obligation audit from us and find out what our SEO consultants can do for you.

Enter the URL below to view it in the lynx viewer. Remember that the URL must begin with: http://