What options does our Reverse Words Tool offer?

First of all, our Reverse Words Tool allows you to reverse keywords completely (from back to front), but also to mix up keywords in order to generate all possible word orders. In addition, you can play with capitalization and, for example, remove spaces. In addition, if there are certain word combinations that cannot be reversed, such as ‘online marketing’, then our Reverse Words Tool is also equipped for this! Choose ‘Lock words’ and enter the combination that may not be reversed, so that ‘marketing online’ is not returned as output.

Who is the Reverse Words Tool intended for?

The Reverse Words Tool is primarily intended for SEA marketeers who need to set up online Google Ads campaigns. Since potential customers have many different ways of typing in a certain search query, you want to optimise your reach by specifying as many different word sequences and spellings as possible. Another handy tool we have for this is our Keyword Typo Generator.

The best ways to use our Reverse Words Tool

Our Reverse Words Tool is especially suitable for very specific long-tail keywords, such as descriptions of clothing items. For example, if someone is looking for red wallpaper with a baroque floral design, they could type ‘red wallpaper baroque floral design’. Another possibility would be: ‘baroque flower patterned red wallpaper’, or ‘flower patterned baroque wallpaper red’. Some of these options may feel less natural, but that doesn’t mean people can’t type them in as they are refining their search query over time. This is where our Reverse Words Tool comes in: all these word orders can be generated automatically by selecting ‘Enter all possible combinations!’

Outsourcing your SEA to AdResults?

A strong SEA campaign is built around any relevant query people might search for; that is why we created our Reverse Words Tool. However, we also understand that sometimes this could be quite overwhelming and that you could use some help from an SEA expert. In that case, AdResults is the right place to be! Request a free, no-obligation audit with us to find out what we can do for your webshop.