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Rich snippets are an important addition to SEO. Rich snippets can be seen as invisible labels in the source code. These labels make sure that pages on your website are better readable for search engine. There are several types of rich snippets (eg rich snippets for reviews, breadcrumb, products in a webshop, etc.). It is also possible to provide rich snippets with videos. These include videos that are self-hosted, but also videos that can be found on or at Vimeo. When retrieving the code at Youtube to integrate a video within a site, the video rich snippets will not be taken into account. By adding rich snippets to videos, Google can show the thumbnail of a video with its organic result. This will look like this:

Using the tool below, the URL of a Youtube or Vimeo video can be filled in. The tool generates the full code, including the rich snippets. The video rich snippets are built based on requirements. It is also possible to implement the video rich snippets by other methods (such as using Facebook Share Format or RDFa Format), this tool only uses’s structure.