The reverse IP lookup tool makes it possible to lookup the IP address of a specific domain name or website. Please enter the domain name or website URL below and the tool will show you the IP address on which the website is hosted. The IP address information is very useful for specific online marketing optimizations. First of all, the location of your hosting is a factor for Site Speed: the closer the server location is to the visitor, the faster the web-page will load. Based on the IP address, it is possible to check where your server is located (and if the location is close to your target audience).

The IP address is not only useful for information regarding the server location. The IP address is also important for SEO: there are many blacklists of IP addresses. These IP addresses are blacklisted due to hackers/spammers who used those IP addresses in the past. Use this reverse IP lookup to trace your website IP address and check online if the address is listed on one of the blacklists.

Finally, based on your IP addres, it is possible to check if other sites are hosted on the same server/IP address. You want to prevent a bad neighborhood around your website for SEO. Prevent that sites with a bad reputation or with illegal subjects are hosted on the same server/IP address.

This tool shows you immediately on which IP address your site is hosted.