Who is our Online Text Editor intended for?

Our Online Text Editor is primarily intended for online marketeers and other data analysts who work with Excel sheets and tables, for example in order to set up product feeds. This tool does not check grammar or spelling, but is specifically designed to clean up data sets and reformat all entries.

What can you do with our Online Text Editor?

Our Online Text Editor has a number of functionalities, all of which are geared towards the proper entry of textual data. For example, if you are working with an Excel sheet that contains a few empty lines, you can use our tool to delete these lines. This tool also allows you to easily change the capitalisation of your textual entries. Replace capital letters with lower case letters or vice versa, capitalise the first word of each entry or use title caps (with every word starting with a capital letter). With our Online Text Editor, you can make sure that even the most extensive product feeds are formatted consistently and that you are not accidentally working with empty entries that could disturb your count or that could be uploaded incorrectly.

Outsourcing your online marketing campaigns to AdResults?

Working with large amounts of data can be an overwhelming task, especially in the case of product feeds that need to be uploaded correctly. Of course, you could do this all by yourself, and we are happy to provide you with the tools you might need (such as our Online Text Editor). However, we also understand if you would rather outsource these tasks! Would you like to know what AdResults can do for your online marketing/SEA campaigns? Then request a free, no-obligation audit with us and find out.