What can you do with our Keyword Typo Generator?

With our Keyword Typo Generator, you can easily generate typos in search queries. Enter the keywords for which you want to be found in Google (Ads) and determine which types of typos you consider relevant for your campaigns. For example, skip , reverse or double letters or generate extra spaces. This way, you can exploit almost any common type of typo.

Please note that our Keyword Typo Generator does not generate the type of misspellings that people might make if they did not know how a certain word is spelled, but only typographical errors. By typographical errors, we mean the errors that occur when, for example, people type very quickly and do not pay attention. Since spelling mistakes and typograhical errors generally do not produce the same results, please keep this in mind if you also want to include common spelling mistakes in your campaigns.

Who is our Keyword Typo Generator intended for?

Our Keyword Typo Generator is most suitable for optimising online marketing/SEA campaigns. The more specifically users’ queries correspond to the keywords you are advertising with, the more relevant your product will be considered by Google. This only applies to SEA; for SEO (organic search engine optimisation) we would advise against the deliberate use of possible typos.

A note on the Keyword Typo Generator

SEA is a class of online marketing that is constantly changing. Google is taking more and more responsibilities and freedom away from users when it comes to setting up ads, so in the future, it may no longer be necessary/ possible to generate typos yourself for your SEA campaigns. As a result, the usefulness of our Keyword Typo Generator may decrease over time. Fortunately, this is a completely free tool, so feel free to use it as much as and in any way you like!

Outsourcing your SEA to AdResults?

Now we’re happy to provide you with the tools you need to make your online marketing campaigns a success. Still, this can be quite an intimidating task, especially in the ever-changing search engine landscape. Are you looking for an expert who can get the most out of your SEA as to maximise the profitability of your campaigns? In that case, AdResults is happy to help! Request a free, no-obligation audit with us to find out what we can do for you.