Check headers

What is the HTTP Header checker?

HTTP is the protocol that enables the communication between the web browser and server. When a website visitor visits a website through a web browser (like Google Chrome), the web server responds with an HTTP response header. This header tells, for example, how Google Chrome may respond during a website visitor’s interaction with the website.

By using HTTP headers, you can improve the security of your website. One way to do this is by adding strict transport security. This way, you indicate that a website can be accessed via HTTPS only. Implementing HSTS makes it harder for hackers to hack a website.

What does the AdResults HTTP Header checker do?

You can use the HTTP header checker tool to view the HTTP headers of any URL (both http and https URLs). This tool allows you to retrieve any information from the headers. The HTTP Header checker also shows redirects (for example, whether a URL contains a 301 or 302 redirect). After all, if you change a URL, you will need to implement a 301 redirect to redirect the old URL to the new one to avoid SEO issues.

When performing the check, it is possible to monitor HTTP headers across multiple browsers and operating systems. This way, you can check if the http header status changes if a different browser or device is used. Simply enter the URL to retrieve the HTTP headers.