In August 2014, Google announced that HTTPS websites would rank slightly better compared to HTTP websites. At that time, HTTPS made websites in general slower. In February 2015 a new standard was launched by the Internet Engineering Task Force: http/2. Http/2 requires to switch to HTTPS and sends data more efficiently, making it much faster than the old http/1.1 protocol. With the new http/2 protocol it is possible to make one connection with the server and to request multiple items at the same time. This improves the speed and the user experience.

To check whether a website supports the http/2 protocol, this http/2 check tool can be used. Please enter the entire URL below. Important: this page looks only at the URL that is entered. Each page has many parts that can be loaded from different servers (for example images that are hosted on a CDN.) For an optimal situation, all parts of a page must support the http/2 protocol.