What does the Compare Lists Tool do?

In simple terms, the Compare Lists Tool can be used to compare two lists. This results in five different lists being generated:

  • A list with unique items that only occur in list 1
  • A list with unique items that only occur in list 2
  • A list with items that occur in both list 1 and list 2
  • A list in which all unique items from lists 1 and 2 are combined
  • A complete list with all items from lists 1 and 2 from which all duplicate items have been removed

If you enable the “case sensitive” option, this will distinguish between capitalised and non-capitalised items. These are then considered as two separate items and not merged.

Once the lists have been compared, the results can be sorted either alphabetically or by item length, depending on your needs.

What can the Compare Lists Tool be used for?

First of all, you can use the Compare Lists Tool to merge two lists and generate one exhaustive list. While this has many different purposes, what’s most important is that this tool can save you a lot of manual work.

Secondly, you could use this tool in combination with paid SEO tools to conduct content gap or general SEO research:

How to perform a content gap analysis with the Compare Lists Tool?

First of all, you could create two lists with keywords: one with keywords that are present on your competitor’s website and another with keywords that are already present on your own website. By entering both lists in the Compare Lists Tool and then checking which items only appear in your competitor’s list, you can immediately see for which keywords you could still improve your ranking by either creating new pages or adding more relevant content.

No paid SEO tools? Let AdResults compare these lists for you

Our Compare Lists Tool has many applications that go beyond just comparing lists. Because of this, you could use the tool for both simple and very complicated (analysis) jobs. Especially in combination with paid SEO and keyword tools, you could use it to achieve impressive results. We understand that not every company has such paid SEO tools available. We do, however! Since we know everything about SEO and performing content gap analyses, we are happy to use both our paid and unpaid tools to assist you in this regard. Would you like us to examine in which areas you could further improve your website? Then request a free, no-obligation audit with us and, as a starting point, we’ll gladly perform a baseline measurement for you!