The usefulness of the Bing Suggest Keyword Tool

The Bing Suggest Keyword Tool is especially important for SEA campaigns, referring to product advertisements in online search engines. Unlike SEO, where the same content is shown irrespective of the search engine, SEA allows you to differentiate your ads for each specific search engine. The Bing Suggest Keyword Tool shows you exactly which keywords Bing users often search for, so you can optimize your Bing SEA campaigns according to the most frequently used keywords. These keywords slightly differ from the keywords that are frequently searched for in Google, so using this tool in addition to more standard Google keyword tools definitely has added value.

Bing Autosuggest and more

Our Bing Suggest Keyword Tool generates its suggestions based on Bing Autosuggest. However, where you would normally only see a limited list of suggestions when using Autosuggest, our Bing Suggest Keyword Tool generates a far more extensive list. Some of these suggestions will be important variations on your entered keyword, while others are generated by combining your keyword with each of the letters of the alphabet. Because of this, our tool has a much wider reach than Bing itself, making it easy to find the inspiration you need.

The Bing Suggest Keyword Tool versus Google keyword tools

As explained earlier, Bing users search for slightly different keywords than Google users. Because of this, it will also vary somewhat per search engine what keywords have a high search volume. Although keyword tools for Google can give you a good idea of which topics are popular among users, our Bing Suggest Keyword Tool can provide you with keywords that are especially suitable for your Bing campaigns. After all, no matter if you’re setting up a Google- or a Bing-specific SEA campaign, you will always want to reach the largest audience among your relevant target group.

Outsourcing SEA and/or SEO to AdResults? Bing is also a possibility!

Our website contains all kinds of tools that allow you to set up the most profitable online marketing campaigns, including our Bing Suggest Keyword Tool. However, we do understand that some expertise is necessary to use these tools correctly in a way that actually optimizes your online ads. Our online marketing consultants, with their comprehensive knowledge of SEA (Google and Bing), can provide you with that expertise. Are efficiency and efficacy of great importance to your business, and would you like to know how we can assist you in this? Then request a free, no-obligation audit, so we can discuss the possibilities with you.