Amazon Suggest Keyword Tool

The Amazon Suggest Keyword Tool is a tool that can show you which keywords Amazon users search for when they are looking for a certain product. Since these keywords are highly region-specific, you can select the domain for which you want keywords suggested.

The Amazon Suggest Keyword Tool versus Google SEO tools

Unlike Google, Amazon uses its own list of user-generated keywords. This means that Google tools are of less use when it comes to creating product listings for Amazon. Nevertheless, thorough SEO research is always important if you want to ensure that your products are found by as many potential customers as possible.

Why you should use the Amazon Suggest Keyword Tool

Normally, when you enter (the beginning of) a keyword in the Amazon search function, Amazon will automatically make some suggestions. However, this is a very short list, which may not include the suggestions you are actually looking for. Our Amazon Suggest Keyword Tool is different: it shows users an extensive list of keywords resembling your own. For example, if you were to enter “bookshelf” in our tool, you would see “bookshelf industrial”, “kids bookshelf”, “bookshelf with doors” and “bookshelf modern” as suggestions. Try it out, and you’ll soon find the inspiration you need.

How to create amazing Amazon product titles

A powerful Amazon product title is objective, descriptive and clear. Amazon themselves state that a product title should preferably consist of the following elements (where applicable): Brand + Model number + Model name + Product type + Material + Size + Quantity + Colour. However, which of these elements you pick very much depends on the type of product you’re selling. You can also rearrange the elements as to make the title as legible as possible, although the brand name should always be upfront.

Even with these rules, you can still play around with the Amazon Suggest Keyword Tool to come up with the best product title. For example: “Vasagle bookshelf with doors [product code], 8 shelves, industrial design with wood and metal, 160 x 30 x 80 cm, brown with black”.

Outdated Amazon product titles

In the past, Amazon product titles were often generated based on a sequence of some of the most popular keywords. This often resulted in titles that were fairly meaningless in terms of content and sometimes did not even relate to the product in question. For example: if a seller wanted to sell a bookshelf, but “water bottle” was a far more popular keyword, they would just incorporate “water bottle” in their product title so that those looking for water bottles would also be shown their bookshelf. This is NOT how we would recommend using our Amazon Suggest Keyword Tool! After all, doing so would mean showing products to users who aren’t looking for them, which is a practice that is penalised by Amazon as well.

How to use keywords in your Amazon product descriptions

Can’t find a way to implement all relevant keywords in your title? You don’t have to! Frankly, stuffing your product titles full of keywords is in fact known as keyword stuffing, which is considered a bad SEO practice. Instead, we suggest using our Amazon Suggest Keyword Tool to get inspiration for your product descriptions and include as many relevant keywords as possible. However, it remains important to keep your product descriptions logical and easy to read! In contrast to Google SEO tactics, you only need to use each keyword once in order to be found by users searching for them.

Outsourcing your Marketplaces campagins to AdResults?

Of course, we are happy to provide you with all the tools you need to create the best Marketplaces and Amazon marketing campaigns, with the strongest keywords and the best product titles and descriptions. However, you may find that you need the perspective of an expert who knows exactly how to use tools such as our Amazon Suggest Keyword Tool. Does this sound familiar, or would you like to know in which ways we could support you with regards to your SEA and SEO campaigns? You can always request a free, no-obligation audit with us, so we can discuss the possibilities with you.