The AdResults alt tags checker

With the AdResults alt tags checker, you can quickly and easily get a page-by-page overview of all images and their alternative text (the alt tags). Enter the URL of the page you want to check and you will get an overview of the images and the alternative text they contain. With this tool, you can check whether you are using the correct alt texts for the images on your website. This is because Google cannot read texts within images, but it can read the alt tags (the alternative texts) that are linked to those images.

What are alt tags?

An alt tag is an alternative text that describes the content of an image. Google cannot see what the image represents. Alt tags are used to describe the image’s visuals. When an image does not load, the alt tag ensures that its description can still be viewed. In short, you are providing the crawlers of search engines like Google with additional information about the content of the image.

Why are alt tags important?

Alt tags are important because they provide additional information to search engine crawlers. Without alt tags, search engines are unable to determine the content of the image. Furthermore, alternative texts in combination with images are part of on-page SEO. In addition, using alt tags improves user-friendliness for website users. Website visitors with disabilities (for example, those who use a screen reader) are shown an alt attribute to help them better understand the image on the page. Therefore, it is important to always include an alt tag when using an image.

What does a good alt tag look like?

A good alt tag is descriptive, detailed, and contains the keyword you are designing the page around. Be careful not to use alternative text to spam keywords, as doing so will result in a negative user experience. Additionally, Google may mark the page as spam. This in turn can negatively impact the page’s ranking in the Google search results.