Good morning world of online marketing!

It’s Thursday again, and it’s time to spend a day at the office. Yesterday, you launched a Google Ads campaign from your home office, and now you’re curious about the results. After a beautiful bike or car ride through the Groningen countryside, arriving at the Hereweg main entrance feels like coming home. It’s nice to know that hybrid work is an option!

Once upstairs, there are already some colleagues who are happy to see you again. “Would you like a cup of coffee?” Derwin asks. “Yes, please!” You start up your computer and eagerly open your browser with Google Ads, the Facebook Business Manager, Google Analytics, and the Google Merchant Center account.

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Meanwhile, more and more enthusiastic team members are arriving. The fixed office days on Tuesday and Thursday always boost everyone’s spirits, and it’s enjoyable! In the meantime, you have already delved into the Google Ads account, where the first sales have already been generated. That’s great; it means you can immediately share the success by sending the customer an email.

In your calendar, you note down your tasks and quickly address outstanding reminders from other customers. After all, you like to stay on top of things! You check the results of current campaigns to see if there are any issues that need immediate attention. You notice a 50% drop in the products of a webshop and promptly check Channable to see if something went wrong with the synchronization of the product feed. This drop could potentially result in lost sales, and it needs to be fixed.

Your calendar reminds you that you have a meeting with Jelmer in 10 minutes to prepare for a customer appointment. Oh dear… You’ll have to make a phone call right away to ask if the meeting can be postponed by an hour. Thankfully, Jelmer completely understands; this issue is indeed a priority.

As an online marketing consultant, structure is crucial, but sometimes appointments or days unfold differently than anticipated. Fortunately, you can adapt. After various analyses within the feed, you can already hear Cor spinning the foosball rods in the background…

Game on, it’s time for a break!
Starting at 10:00, you’ll officially have time to take on the foosball championship, cheer on a darts tournament, or beat the Pacman Arcade. Or would you rather go for a walk? You may also take a break later or earlier, as long as you take this time.

After your break, you step straight into the meeting with your manager. You’ve created a Facebook Advertising campaign for a client with a great brand and think Pinterest could also be interesting. You can have a chat with Jelmer now, before pitching the concrete idea to your contact person. You will need to do some more analysis to come up with an even better solution. As it looks now, that will be a successful customer visit next week!

Meanwhile, from AdResults, they have already prepared lunch with tasty sandwiches and a good assortment of toppings (which is only complete with Benita’s homemade pesto mayo). So, you were ready for that! So you can listen to the stories of Robert who has been slaving away at the gym and Tienke who has gone surfing again (on a board of course, not in a browser). By walking around outside you come in with new energy, time to hit the ground running again!

Satisfied customers, that’s what gets you excited!
You will be working on RSA (Responsive Search Ads) for one of your clients. Within the team, a test has been set up for several clients and it appears that in certain situations these ads click through better. Based on this test, the team decided to implement this for all clients. It takes some time to find the most efficient way, but with Timo’s Excel help you will come a long way today.

Around 15:00 cake is brought, a sales record has been broken at a customer. That is a double celebration, since it is also break time! After a short coffee break you can start with the monthly reports. You log into various systems (for example, the Facebook Business Manager and the Marketplace) and process the data in your report and dive deeper into the data when necessary. Analyzing data, working with figures and processing data into graphs & tables is something that makes your heart beat faster.

Meanwhile, you get a call from a customer, but have no trouble switching gears. He wants to know what the best selling products are of the past period. You have this figured out within fifteen minutes, so you dive right in so you can give quick feedback.

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You are never done learning!
At 16:00 you have another team meeting for current updates and where next week’s knowledge session will be the focus. Marcel mentions that he has a challenge with one of his clients and asks for input from his teammates. Interesting! That’s what makes working at AdResults so much fun: coming up with the best advice and solutions together with other online marketing professionals.

The team meeting has gone on a bit and afterwards Linda asks whether there are more people who would like to try that new restaurant in the city center tomorrow after the Friday afternoon drinks. Great! With a satisfied and finished feeling you pack your bag again. Tomorrow will be another great day and then it’s already the weekend!

Would you like your days to look like this too? Check out our vacancies and come work at AdResults!