Whereas the consumer at the traditional jeweller’s can only choose from the range offered, the customer at DiamondsByMe can decide for himself what the piece of jewellery will look like. This allows owner Remco Broekhuis to respond to the trend that consumers long for items with a personal touch.

As a goldsmith by origin and owner of several successful jewelry stores, Remco Broekhuis knows better than anyone what appeals to today’s consumers. And the online world is also familiar territory for him. “I always found the possibilities of the Internet interesting, making me one of the first to have a webshop.

But the most important reason for the creation of DiamondsByMe is Remco’s love for the goldsmith trade. For years he enjoyed working in his own studio, but at one point he had four companies and had to make choices. “With pain in my heart I sold my studio. However, I didn’t want to give up my materials, because I always had the idea that they would come in handy somewhere.

‘We’re not dependent on the supplier’s whims’

By combining his passion for goldsmithing with the increasing need of consumers to give the product its own touch, Remco came up with a new business model in which the online design of the customer is central. An additional advantage of this new way of working is that its offer distinguishes itself from that of its competitor, who is bound by the supplier’s product range.

In addition to the fact that DiamondsByMe meets customer demand, the method ensures that Remco is only dependent on external parties for the purchase of gems and diamonds. “The worldwide contacts I have gained as a jeweler, now come in handy. Certain gems are very rare and you will only get them if you have the right entrances.

SEO and SEA campaigns to put the label on the map

Defining a brand was still a challenge. Normally as a jeweler you hitch a ride on the popularity of the brands you sell, but Remco had to put his own label on the map. “We have not yet been able to build up brand awareness, so we are almost entirely dependent on the SEO and SEA campaigns.

From his jewelry stores, Remco already worked with AdResults. Before he ended up here, he did some business with another party, but he experienced that as quite dramatic. “SEO and SEA are so specific, you must have the finesse to do it really well. A competitor advised me to use AdResults and since then the campaigns have been successful.” When Remco launched DiamondsByMe at the end of 2013, he immediately involved AdResults in his plans. “I may still be a little boy now, my ambitions are big.”

Smart adjustments for better Google results

“Without AdResults I would never have been able to market DiamondsByMe so well”, says Remco. “The consultants don’t stop at standard advice, as I was used to with other parties, but think along with you to get even more out of it. For example, before starting with Google Ads, Remco’s permanent consultant first carried out an extensive keyword analysis, which included all possible combinations within the website. “We have a lot of search volume on the term ring in combination with words like stone, colour and materials. AdResults advised us to take these options within the shop as a filter, because then we could advertise on all possible search combinations directly from Ads. The pages in question were already present on the website.”

And because it was technically impossible for the web builder to provide a feed for Google Shopping in the short term and within a realistic budget, AdResults made this itself. “Based on Screaming Frog, which is SEO software that uses AdResults a lot, a useful Google Shopping feed has been developed that can be used for multiple countries. It provides quite a bit of manual work every month, but it creates a much better visibility in Google’s results.

For DiamondsByMe, AdResults is responsible for SEO (website optimization and site speed), SEA (Google Ads & Microsoft Advertising), data feed management and social media marketing (Facebook & Instagram).

Pioneer of the industry

“It was immediately an application for a special gemstone”, says Remco. Since then, many thousands of pieces of jewellery have been sold and the company is growing rapidly. Approximately 30 percent of the customers choose to design the piece of jewellery according to their own ideas. “This morning we received an order from Germany for an emerald ring with a value of 15,000 euros. Despite the fact that we are now busy making special jewelry on a daily basis, it remains an honour for someone to entrust you with the task of making something so precious.

Where Remco at his jewelry stores regularly gets back jewelry, this is not so bad at DiamondsByMe. “With an average order value of 700 euros we have no impulse purchases. Most customers also know very well what they want. And to give the consumer the best possible picture of the end result, we send a 3D example for 10 euros. This is far below the cost price, but it does ensure that we hardly get anything back.”

‘There are also many opportunities abroad’

Besides the Dutch market, DiamondsByMe is active in Belgium and Germany. And as soon as the new webshop is ready, the French and Spanish markets will be conquered. Germany is currently the most important growth market. “It is much easier for people there to spend money on a special piece of jewellery. In addition, there are only two comparable players active, which offers enormous opportunities.” In the short term, Remco will open its first foreign office in Düsseldorf. And if it’s up to him, it certainly won’t stay with Europe. “I strive for global success. The possibilities are there, so why shouldn’t I try it?”

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Johan Heidemans