Since 2008 Datona has been selling workshop and garage equipment. It’s still going on, because a new website is being developed and in terms of marketing it has switched to AdResults. Co-founder and owner Willem Holman talks about the choice and experiences of the first half year and what plans are still on the agenda.

What started with the sale of what Harley Davidson motorcycle lifts has grown into a successful (web) store with its own stock of over 65,000 items. Datona now sells all kinds of job equipment. “Anyone who sometimes does their own work – on cars or motorcycles, for example – is a potential customer for us,” says Willem.

Although there are people who order monthly job supplies from the company, the majority of customers occasionally place an order. Not least because the products last for years. The fact that Datona has a very loyal support base is evident from the many (consumer) prizes that the Frisian player has received.

It won a coveted Shopping Award for no less than six years in a row. And according to the Website of the Year Award, Datona has both the best and the most popular website. The social media channels, in particular Facebook, also have a high response rate from customers. “The other day, we showed a new product – a tool trolley with a refrigerator – and this resulted in more than 2,000 responses.

Datona has had its own brand almost from the start. This regularly ensures that the company has unique products, such as the tool trolley with built-in refrigerator. Innovation is important, as is growth. Although the focus is now more on profit. “At the end of the day, it’s all about what’s left at the bottom of the line.”

I expected the most efficiency from AdResults’ The campaigns did achieve turnover, but in terms of efficiency there was much more to be gained. “Our previous internet marketing agency was one of the largest in the country and could spend money like the best,” says Willem. He therefore decided to look for an agency that could reduce costs by lowering the average click price, so that this did not have to be at the expense of the result.

Willem said goodbye to the existing marketing agency and entered into discussions with various parties. With AdResults was the best click. Willem sees the fact that the company is based in Groningen as an advantage. “Not only with our search engine marketing, but also with our website we switch to another agency. They are all located in the north. There is a lot of online knowledge there and I like the direct way of doing business.”

Willem is also sober about the cooperation, although he is happy to have AdResults by his side now. “We’re almost going live with a new site and I’m involving them in that too. The contact goes well. I love the way they do business and see continuous improvements.”

More traffic for less money: click price dropped by dozens of percent’.
For the Google Shopping campaigns, Datona is a member of the BigShopper CSS platform. The regular campaigns have also been completely redesigned. Costs have fallen slightly, while traffic has grown significantly. “If we look only at the paid traffic, then something to do business with us. On average, click prices have fallen by tens of percents, while traffic has not gotten any worse. So we have more reach for the same money.”

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