Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility

AdResults supports

For AdResults it is important being involved in and taking part of improving the society.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a part of the strategy of AdResults. AdResults has chosen to support an organization that provides financing (Kiva micro credit) for low-income entrepreneurs in third world countries. With each new client, AdResults supports a new Kiva project.

Kiva microcredits is an organization that provides micro credits – with the help of individuals and businesses- to entrepreneurs in developing countries. These are small loans to entrepreneurs, which are reimbursed in 98% of cases. With these micro credits entrepreneurs can make investments in order to escape poverty. AdResults aims to support the society in an honest and responsible way. Each new AdResults client helps: with each new client, AdResults supports one new Kiva project. The repaid loans will be reinvested by AdResults to support other entrepreneurs.


Would you yourself like to support and stimulate entrepreneurs in developing countries? You can register for free by Kiva. If you register via AdResults, the first $25 investment for one of the entrepreneurs will be sponsored for you. Therefore you only need to register and select a project in order to help the first entrepreneur escape poverty. Become a free member of Kiva and get the first $25 sponsorship money to help entrepreneurs lift themselves out of poverty!

Which Kiva projects are supported by AdResults?

AdResults supports a growing number of projects. The projects that are currently supported by AdResults can be found at

Why Kiva?

It is important for AdResults that the money going to charity is used in a responsible manner. By helping the local entrepreneurs with funding, it gives them an opportunity to develop and escape poverty. Micro financing makes all this possible but at the same time it encourages entrepreneurs to use the money in an appropriate way: they are given loans, and these loans must be repaid. With the repaid loans AdResults stimulates new projects. Thus every new AdResults client continuously contributes to supporting new projects in third world countries.

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