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URL checker tool

Show pages as 404 output if they contain a certain text (optional):

URL input (each URL on a new line), up to 5000 characters (about 100 URLs):

The URL checker examines whether the URLs you entered still exist or if they end up in a 404 page (page not found). You can use this tool to check the URLs from your online marketing campaigns (for example an export from Google AdWords) and to detect incorrect URLs. Prevent that your online marketing campaigns contain incorrect URLs and check this regularly. You can enter URLs in the online marketing tool here below (up to 5.000 characters, approximately 100 URLs). The tool checks which URLs have a 404 (page not found) status code. You can adjust these URLs in your campaign. If you have any incorrect pages, where no 404 status is given, but where the page does contain a specific title (or specific content) on the incorrect page, then simply enter a specific search term that occurs only on that error page. The tool will then run a URL check on both the 404 status and on the submitted keyword.