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* Use the YQL function if a page uses framebreakers, this function does not work in combination with the GCLID option. YQL does not work in all browsers and some URLs may not work at first, please use the refresh button.

* Use the CORS function if the normal page does not work. CORS does not work in all browsers.  






Selecteer welke paginas goed laden





The manual URL checker can be used to check pages manually: this tool will show the input URL’s in small frames. A visual landing page check can be perforemd, to check whether the page is suitable to use in online campaigns or not. For example: search result pages within webshops are often used as landing pages within AdWords. If products are sold out, it can occur that the search result page doesn’t show any products. The page is technically functioning correct (http header status 200 OK), but there are no products. To trace these low quality landing pages, this tool can be used.

The pages of the input URL’s are deduplicated and shown in frames. It is possible to approve or disapprove pages. Disapproved pages appear in the list below (and these URL’s can be paused in for example AdWords). If AdWords URL’s are checked, it’s also optional to check the “gclid” box. The gclid parameter (often used for autotagging by AdWords to measure the AdWords traffic correctly in Analytics) is then added to the input URL’s. The URL’s are then checked like in the real situation (when a visitor clicks on an AdWords ad). If this option is enabled, this tool also checks if the gclid parameter is added correctly and won’t be changed (for example to lower case) or be removed. If the gclid parameter is changed or removed, this means the measurement of AdWords traffic is not measured correctly in Google Analytics.

Another option is YQL. Currently, more websites add framebreakers. Framebreakers prevent opening websites in frames (like this tool). If a framebreaker is active on a website, the YQL option can be used. In most cases, this tool will work again.