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CAUTION: First upload all changes related to pausing the keywords, then add the new keywords. The Google Ads Editor cannot make 2 changes in a row for one keyword!


Update Google Ads campaigns that are based on a product feed (XML, CSV, etc.). This tool compares active URLs in Google Ads with the current URLs in a product feed. Based on the comparison, this tool will generate two output fields: one field with all the URLs that should be paused in Ads (URLs that are active in Ads, but URLs that can’t be found in the product feed) and one field with new URLs (URLs that are in the product feed, but that couldn’t be found in Ads).

First, open the Google Ads Editor and copy all the keywords (the complete lines) that are active within the product feed campaign. Paste these copied lines into the first field. Second, download the product feed and drag the CSV/XML/TXT file to Excel (and open the feed as a table). Remove lines that won’t be used, like image URL’s. All the URL fields should be removed, except the destination URL. This is important as the comparison will be done by destination URL. URL’s that point to category pages, images, etc. can’t be in this input for that reason.The tool will generate two output fields. Both fields can be copied to Excel. The destination URL column of output 1 should be selected in Excel. Copy these URLs and search for these URLs within the product feed campaign in the Ads Editor. Pause the active URLs that have been found. The next step is to transform output 2 into the campaign structure of Ads. The new keywords can be added.