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Gratis cookie script voor Nederlandse wetgeving


Cookie law in the Netherlands

The Dutch cookie law is in force since June 2012. The cookie law (Article 11.7.a of the Telecommunications Act) implies that websites are only allowed to place necessary cookies without user consent. Necessary cookies in this regard are cookies that remember the preferences (e.g. passwords) of internet users. The contents of the shopping cart of a webshop are also part of these necessary cookies. The legislative proposal in 2015 (that has already been approved by the House of Representatives) says that permission is no longer needed for Analytics cookies. It remains mandatory (even after the amendment) to ask permission for e.g. remarketing cookies.

AdResults offers a free script (which is also visible on this website) with a simple configuration file. The second version of this tool was developed along with the law: it is now possible to automatically accept cookies when a user visits a 2nd page within your site. This is a configurable option. It is also possible to work with different languages within one implementation.

You can find the complete manual of the cookie script here: user manual of the cookie script.

Cookie script demo

The cookie script has been implemented on this website. You can find the complete demo of the script here: demo cookie script.

Cookie script updates

You can find all the updates of the cookie script here below. If you wish to have the latest version of the script, you can download the form below.

Latest updates & Bugfixes:
23 March 2016: Version 2.0 of the cookie script is now live and available to download free of charge. This version includes two extensions. Firstly, this version allows you to set the popup/cookie message to disappear after a user opens a 2nd page within the website. Cookies will be then automatically accepted. It is also possible to use several languages (for a multi-language website) so that the cookie notification is displayed in the correct language.
13 May 2015: Important notification: the antivirus software “ESET Endpoint Antivirus” sees the script as a virus. This is because the code is partially encrypted (and is thus not readable). The reason for this is that the credits (the referral to AdResults in the popup) may not be removed. This antivirus programme alone is not capable of reading the script and therefore misrepresents the message for a virus (so this issue only regards ESET Endpoint Antivirus, all other antivirus programs such as AVG, Norton, etc. indicate that the script is safe). We have thoroughly checked the script both internally and externally, and can reassure you that there is no virus in the cookie script.

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