Online marketing tools


Online marketing tools

Online marketing consists of many components, including website optimization, search advertising, Google Analytics, and affiliate marketing. AdResults offers several tools that can be used to manage campaigns more easily.

Alt tags checker

Search engines like Google can not read images. It is therefore important to have a relevant image filename and also to use alternative texts, the alt tags. The alt tags checker gives you an overview of all the images per page and the corresponding alternative text.  If no text is entered, the alt tags checker also indicates this.

Broad match modifier tool

You can easily convert regular keywords to modified broad match with the broad match modifier tool. It is possible to give a match type within Google Adwords. Google has made changes in the past (but also recently), where more search queries are matched to specific keywords that are included in Google Adwords. To prevent that your campaigns are matched to a large number of irrelevant keywords, you can create specific keywords by transferring broad match keywords to modified broad match. The broad match modifier tool allows you to provide normal keywords with a +, in order for Google Adwords to recognize this as a modified broad match.

Character count tool

In some situations it is useful to know the number of characters used in a text. You can calculate this with the character count tool. For example, Google Adwords has within search advertising a maximum number of characters that can be used in the title, the two description lines and the display URLs. It is also easy to use this character count tool within SEO. It is not only possible to count the number of characters from your unique texts with this tool, but also to calculate the number of characters that you can still use within your meta tags (title and meta description).

Cookie script

The cookie law (Article 11.7.a of the Telecommunications Act) was launched in June 2012 in the Netherlands. It is not allowed since then to place cookies before the consumer has accepted it. AdResults launched a cookie script completely free of charge.

Download link generator

Product feeds (XML, CSV, etc.) containing the database of all your products are often very large. The download link generator allows you to directly save a URL, instead of opening it in your browser. This makes your work more efficient: you can directly store for instance product feeds, rather than opening them in your browser (and then saving it).

Duplicate line remover

You can easily remove duplicate lines with the duplicate line remover. The tool provides additional options such as filtering the input from low to high (or vice versa) and removing extra spaces (at the beginning or at the end of double spaces). An ideal tool to deduplicate a list of URLs before checking it in terms of status (for example with the URL checker tool).

Find Replace Tool

Search and replace a large number of words with other words or with nothing by using the Find Replace Tool. With this tool you can also adjust case sensitivity and remove double spaces.

Google suggest keyword tool

The Google suggest keyword tool is essential for your online marketing campaigns. This tool is very valuable for both search advertising and website optimization. Fill in one important keyword and as an output you will receive all the key combination terms for that keyword. An indispensable tool for every online marketer!

Heading tag checker

Optimize your pages by using a clear title- and header structure. Use heading tags and make sure that the page is specific, relevant and is used sequentially. The heading tag checker allows you to easily check the use of headers h1 through h6  and optimize your pages.

HTTP Header checker tool

With the HTTP header checker tool you can easily check the headers of any page within a website. This tool is indispensable for retrieving important information from pages, such as the status of a page. Status 200 means for example that the page has been loaded successfully, status 404 means that the page can not be found. It is also possible to identify redirects: with the header checker you can determine whether old URLs are redirected to new URLs in the correct way (with a permanent 301 redirect instead of a temporary 302 redirect).

Internal Link Checker

The internal link structure is very important for SEO. The internal link checker tool allows you to make an analyis per page but also an analysis about the number of links on a page, as well as the distribition between internal- and external links. The internal links are broken down (into relative and absolute links).

Keyword combiner tool

The keyword combiner tool is a simple tool for creating keyword lists for your online marketing campaigns, such as your Google Adwords campaign. Just fill the keywords in the left and right column, and the two lists will be combined. The output can be used to add to your search advertising campaigns. For example you can combine brands with keywords related to ordering (such as purchase, buy, buying, etc.). The keyword combiner tool also has some standard keyword lists that you can use to quickly generate keyword lists.

Keyword typo generator

You can create simple misspellings for your online marketing campaigns by using the keyword typo generator. You can enter one or more keywords and make a selection out of the various possible variants. The keyword typo generator gives you all the different typos (misspellings) as an output.

Reverse words tool

Turning the word order can easily be done with the reverse words tool. In addition, all word sequences can be generated as output, or the word order can only be reversed once (from back to front). This tool also offers a large number of additional options, such as removing spaces and customizing the capitalization. An ideal tool to use for the keywords in your online marketing campaigns.

Text browser – Lynx viewer

This tool is a must for SEO: with the text browser you can view the webpage as text for each URL. This is a quick and easy way to see what a crawler sees. Use the text browser to optimize your pages. Any hidden text, or any text that is not displayed as text in the source code will be immediately visible.

URL builder tool

Use the URL builder tool to provide parameters (e.g. Google Analytics measurement parameters) for one or more (or even large amounts of) URLs. The tool prevents URLs from being erroneously built. Each URL is customized so that the first parameter is provided with a question mark, the continued signs with an &-sign, and any parameters with a hashtag always come at the end of the URL.

URL checker

The URL checker tool allows you to check your online marketing URLs on erroneous pages. This tool can be used to check URLs in online marketing campaigns in a quick and easy way and to filter out erroneous URLs. These can be adjusted in the campaigns, in order to avoid potential consumers being redirected from advertising campaigns to an erroneous page.

URL encoder/decoder

The URL encoder/decoder transforms URLs and adds HTML code to the URL to make this HTML strict (to encode) or remove the HTML strict code and make it easy to read (to decode). This tool is very useful within affiliate marketing to first make affiliate links readable (decode) and afterwards to check them with the HTTP header checker.

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