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Our Customers

Leave it up to the specialists of AdResults!

You don’t easily switch to a new agency, especially not if you have been elected twice in a row by the ThuisWinkel Awards as the best XL webshop.

We made the right decision to change. A decision that I have never regretted. The results have improved significantly: we are more visible on the web, our AdWords and affiliate campaigns are much more effective and our social media activities -due to the advice and commitment of AdResults- are now among our core marketing strategies.

Furthermore, not only do they have a professional knowledge of the technical possibilities, but they also have the ability to look beyond. Thanks to this, we have been able to create highly effective marketing- and sales campaigns together.

No, the only thing I regret is not starting earlier with AdResults.

Oskar van Straaten
Founder and Director Agradi

AdResults, we should have started with them much earlier!
Last year we made the transition to AdResults. We decided this after years of collaboration with another online marketing agency. Now I can say that we should have done this transition much earlier. The results that have been achieved by AdResults are truly amazing.

In the cooperation we experience AdResults to be a partner who thinks together with us in all areas, who gives us advice and shares knowledge with us. The employees know what they are doing. The level of knowledge is very high, they are professional, committed and critical. Since AdResults is in charge of our campaigns we have experienced an increase in both visitors and conversions. The agreements that we have made are fulfilled and the results are better than we could have imagined before. Where other agencies would stop, AdResults will still continue. The consultants feel responsible (you notice this from the frequent contact, the ideas they come up with and the response time regarding questions).

In short: a reliable partner, who wants to get the best out of all the marketing channels.

Gerjan Horstra
Managing Director Travelbags

Search Engine Marketing (SEO) is essential for Body & Fitshop. This starts with a well developed webshop, a solid structure and a strong team. However, the rules are constantly changing by Google for example. You need a partner therefore, who can advise and support you in order to prevent that your position in search engines is affected in a negative way!

AdResults has proven to be a reliable partner who fights for the best results. They are not afraid to be honest with the client and thanks to that the client will experience the best possible results. Besides being honest, their level of knowledge is very high! They not only advise us in the field of Search Engine Marketing, but also regarding Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and they also give us tips in the field of Usability.

Dylan van der Heij
E-Commerce Manager

The people at AdResults are fully aware of the latest developments in the field of SEO and SEA and all understand their field of expertise.

Manager E-commerce & Marketing
EricJan Hofman
Foto Konijnenberg

Thanks to AdResults, we are constantly pushing ourselves beyond our limits. AdResults continuously provides new solutions and implements new improvements with relentless energy. It is reassuring to know that you are working with the best agency in the Netherlands.

Peter-Jan Broeders
Managing Director

I have worked with several online marketing agencies. AdResults is the first to (pro)actively think with you and will continue doing so! A very valuable cooperation.

Bob Jaspers Focks
Manager E-Business

Coccinelle Fashion Stores has been using the services of online marketing agencies for years, but AdResults operates on a completely different level than the other agencies.

Marc Bakker
Managing Director Coccinelle