Website optimization


Website optimization

Website optimization includes the improvement of the performance and visibility of your website within search engines. Improving your website ensures better customer experience and will therefore also increase the relevancy. Relevance for Google is an increasingly important factor in its algorithm. The algorithm is the mix of elements that determine which websites appear among the organic search results. Optimizing the website makes it easier for Google to crawl and index your website.

The following image shows a search results page of Google for the search query “buy iPhone”. The section in red contains the search advertising results, while the green section contains the organic search results. These results are independent and free of charge.

Search query for “buy iPhone” in Google: search advertising (paid) in the red section, organic (free) search results in the green section.

Website optimization consists of two parts: SEO (search engine optimization) and site speed (website speed optimization):

SEO (search engine optimization)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the improving of website pages and structures, in order to reach a higher ranking by search engines (OR so that the search engines can find them more easily). Being relevant to your customers is very important- what search queries does your target audience carry out where you also want to be visible? Keyword analysis is therefore a very important question which forms the basis of an SEO strategy. The focus can be placed on the search terms important to you, which perform higher search volume. There are a large number of important issues within the SEO strategy. You can find more information on our SEO services page.

Site speed (website speed optimization)

The speed of your website has become increasingly important in the last few years. Your website speed is in fact affecting your conversion rate: your target audience will abandon your website earlier, if the load time perceived by the visitors of your website was rated slow. Several large companies have successfully tested the optimization of web pages. Mozilla (the supplier of FireFox browser) for example shortened the downloading speed of Firefox by 2.2 seconds. The result was an increase of 15,4 procent in the number of conversions (downloads of Firefox). Google also carried out a successful test with Google Maps. Google reduced the size of Google Maps by 30 percent, which caused the website speed to improve. The result was a 30 procent growth in the number of Google Maps requests. You can find more information about optimizing your website speed on site speed services page.

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