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E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing

E-mail remains the most popular channel for receiving advertising. According to the National E-mail Survey 2019, Facebook and Instagram are far less likely to be the preferred channels. Today, e-mail remains extremely important and if used properly, it is a powerful and indispensable tool in your marketing mix. The big advantage of e-mail marketing is the personal approach to your target audience. Keep existing customers involved in your brand or business and convince potential new customers of your product. Wondering how we can use this together in the right way for your company?

E-Mail Marketing at AdResults at a glance:

  • Responsive e-mail templates
  • Automated campaigns
  • Targeted e-mails
  • Personalized e-mails
  • Dynamic content
  • Preview e-mail
  • A/B testing
  • Webforms
  • Data enrichment
  • Database expansion via other channels (social media, Google Ads)


By e-mail you communicate with your target audience in several ways and the most well-known of them is the newsletter. With a newsletter you inform a large group of (potential) customers about offers or new products. The time that you attracted a consumer to purchase with a simple newsletter has passed. It is therefore more important than ever that a message is fully personalized and that not everyone receives the same newsletter. Is the message not tailored to the recipient? In that case, the (potential) customer probably won’t take any action, resulting in a possible unsubscription.

In order to use e-mail marketing effectively, we work with you to draw up a performance-based e-mail marketing plan that is tailored to your company, vision and target audience. We customize the content of the e-mail based on customer profiles, allowing your customers to receive a relevant and personalized message in their inbox. This helps the reader to take action faster and maximizes your e-mail marketing results.

E-mail templates

AdResults has had developed an extensive database containing many different and responsive e-mail templates. This versatile database allows us to tailor the e-mails to the wishes and corporate identity of your company or organization. These templates also give you the flexibility to make e-mails personal and relevant to your target audience. And the most important thing is that the e-mail templates are made user-friendly for e-commerce. In this way we increase the effect of the e-mail, since it is tailored to the purpose of the message, for example branding, (repeat) purchases and storytelling.

Database optimization

An e-mail is relevant if it is personalized to the recipient. It is therefore more important than ever to collect information of the customer and use it in the right way. An example is the customer’s ordering behavior, in which we look, among other things, at whether the person develops a brand preference. We also use the collected data to find out which actions or products appeal to the buyer and encourage him to purchase.
We are happy to help you collect all the necessary data and we make use of webforms, among other things. These webforms not only enrich the database with new customer characteristics, but also keep customer profiles up to date. This provides you with correct information about your customer and ensures relevance. By the way, webforms are also very suitable for conducting surveys, creating thank you pages and sending other very informative e-mails.

E-mail marketing automation

With e-mail marketing automation, sending e-mails is even more advanced. Messages are sent automatically, ensuring that a person receives the right message at the right time. Think for example of e-mails in which you congratulate people on their birthday, say thank you for subscribing to the newsletter or indicating that there are still products in their shopping cart. With a solid and extensive database, there are many more possibilities to respond to the needs of your target audience with automated e-mail campaigns.

Our approach

As a team, we will work to successfully use e-mail marketing for your business. Together we discuss the objectives and look at which strategy is best suited to meet your needs. The database is an important basis and together we think about how we will continuously expand and improve it. In addition, we will create an e-mail template that fits your company and objectives perfectly in terms of design. We will then segment the database and set up effective e-mail marketing automation. We monitor the results and perform smart A/B tests to get the most out of e-mail marketing for your business.