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Volero: ‘All processes are designed to grow quickly’.

In just three years, Volero has transformed from a startup with various home furnishings into an international flooring specialist. With a turnover of several tons per month, it is also heading for an attractive location in the Twinkle200. And this is not the only objective. "We hope to reach the milestone of ten million euros this year.

VisDeal: ‘Eventually we will conquer the whole of Europe’.

Many a company is the result of a loss or a hobby (that got out of hand), but with Willem and Teun Bontrup, owners of VisDeal and VisDealshop, this is by no means the case. As born entrepreneurs, they mainly look at the opportunities offered by certain markets and how they can convert these into as many orders as possible. "Turnover still doubles every year."

Travelbags: ‘We want to grow in Europe’

Travelbags: 'We want to grow in Europa'aTravelbags, the Dutch market leader in suitcases and (travel) bags, still knows how to grow every year. Until recently, Travelbags did this entirely under its own steam. At the beginning of this month, however, it concluded an investment agreement with RTL. "We not only want to continue the growth in the Netherlands and Belgium, but also to roll out in surrounding countries", says co-founder Gerjan Horstra.

Pig & Hen: ‘Localisation led to explosive growth’.

With a successful webshop, over 1200 resellers worldwide and a physical store in the popular 9 Streets in Amsterdam, Pig & Hen is by no means a small player. Yet the bracelet brand is only at the beginning of its global expansion.

DiamondsByMe: ‘Self-determining what the piece of jewellery looks like’.

Whereas the consumer at the traditional jeweller's can only choose from the range offered, the customer at DiamondsByMe can decide for himself what the piece of jewellery will look like. This allows owner Remco Broekhuis to respond to the trend that consumers long for items with a personal touch.

DeOnlineDrogist: ‘AdResults is the first party that knows more about SEO than we do’.

Set up an online drugstore because otherwise you will no longer be able to sell electronic cigarettes. It sounds cumbersome, but it turned out to be a golden move. Within a few years, DeOnlineDrogist.nl was already the market leader and this position still holds the company firmly in its hands.

Datona: ‘AdResults understands that we are looking for more than turnover growth’.

Since 2008 Datona has been selling workshop and garage equipment. It's still going on, because a new website is being developed and in terms of marketing it has switched to AdResults. Co-founder and owner Willem Holman talks about the choice and experiences of the first half year and what plans are still on the agenda.

CVtotaal: ’40 percent growth for years in a row’.

CVtotaal: '40 percent growth for many years in a row'-Although there are already several alternatives on the market, more than 90 percent of Dutch households have a gas-fired boiler. Enough potential customers for the suppliers, but the competition is also fierce. Yet CVtotaal has been growing by about 40 percent for many years in a row. "We are not afraid to move with the changes in the market", says marketing manager Erik Post.

Body & Fit: ‘Quickly grown into market leader’.

Since its foundation in 1995, a lot has changed within Body & Fit. The company started with two physical sales points, but in 2007 it transformed into a pure online player. And while the original target group consisted of bodybuilders, Body & Fit now focuses on everyone who is engaged in a conscious lifestyle. And with success. 

Azalp: ‘More and more focus on customization and own label’

Many a webshop strives to get a place in the Twinkle100. Peter-Jan Broeders and Thomas Deters, founders of Azalp, don't know any better. Since the introduction of the list, they have been among the largest retailers in our country. They themselves do not focus on turnover figures. "Black figures are even more important to us. Fortunately, we have them from the start."

Agradi has been innovative for more than 20 years

Agradi was founded almost twenty years ago as a mail order company aimed at livestock farmers. This background is still noticeable at the company, although it has carried out many innovations.