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Work process

Say what you do and do what you say. Honest and straightforward, enthusiastic and committed. This is the best way to describe our approach. We can offer the best services in the field of online marketing, because we know what is important for our clients. At the same time we will always tailor our services to the specific needs and wishes of our clients. Our slogan is there for a reason “We mind your business, We mind your AdResults”. The co-operation with AdResults is characterized by commitment and knowledge sharing: real partnership and being truly cooperative and intertwined with the business of our clients.

Close co-operation and building a long term relationship with our clients is very important for us. Knowledge about products and services, possible return percentages, margins on product groups and other factors play a major role in setting the online marketing in a correct way. We can make the online marketing become more efficient by continuous optimization. Optimizing online marketing, sharing knowledge, implementing new features and frequent contact with the client all play a key role. However, in whatever we do “quality” remains our key word. Read also the AdResults testimonials about the experiences of our clients.

Services provided by AdResults

The services provided by AdResults focus on online marketing consultancy (advice) and campaign management. AdResults is not a a web developer or a designer agency. The advice of AdResults focuses on improving of the websites (website optimization) of our clients and achieving greater return on advertising campaigns (search advertising). Control through webanalytics is of great importance (Google Analytics). If we have optimized all your channels, then we can expand the online marketing efforts, for example by deploying affiliate marketing or Facebook advertising.

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Robert Slijm